Kids Party Games

We have gathered some christmas games that will keep up the fun at your holiday celebration. Your party planning has never been this easy! Besides offering party supplies to decorate your house, provides christmas ideas on important details such as food preparation and entertainment. Take advantage of our game ideas below and have fun!

Back to Back
Players make two groups. Two people from the same group sit back to back. One is given an object, e.g. a light bulb, a spoon, a cup, etc. and the other is given paper and pencil. Without revealing what the object is, the person with the object has to give step by step directions of how to draw the object. For example, if describing a light bulb the directions are “draw a circle at the top, then draw a rectangle (smaller than the circle) below the circle. The top side of the rectangle must be completely inside the circle”, and so on. The one drawing has one chance to guess what s/he is drawing. Then two people from the other group do the same. The couple with a right guess in less time gets a point for their team.

The Siamese Twin Gift-Wrap
Divide guests up into couples. Have two paper boxes, wrapping paper, two rolls of tape and two bows. The first two couples to participate in the game must sit at a table and try to wrap the present sitting side by side, the one sitting at the left with the left hand free and the right one holding his/her “siamese twin” by the waist, and the one at the right will have the right hand free and will hold her/his “siamese twin” by the waist with the left hand. The winning team will be the couple to achive the best gift wrapping within a given time (say two minutes).

Many times guests -especially children- get bored waiting for presents to be given out or for Christmas dinner to be ready. Simple christmas ideas such as this one will keep up the fun at your holiday celebration.

Sausages Game
This is a fun activity to play at Christmas office parties. Break the ice with the sausages game!

One team takes turns to ask a person in the other team a question e.g. what do you stir your tea with? The person is only allowed to answer ‘sausages’ and they musn’t laugh or smile. They get a point for each question they can answer without laughing. If they do laugh, that team gets to ask the opposing team questions, until everyone has had a go. Very few people last more than one or two questions!

Guess Who’s Santa
This is one of children’s favorite christmas games. Have as many pieces of paper as the number of players. Write “Rudolph” on one of them and “Santa” on another and leave the rest blank. Give a piece of paper to each child. The child that gets to be “Rudolph” will say so aloud but the one chosen as “Santa” must not say who he is. All children sit in a circle.

Santa has to wink at people in the circle without Rudolph noticing. Anyone who sees that they have been winked at lets out a loud, “HO! HO! HO! Rudolph will only have one chance to guess who Santa is. Once Rudolph identifies Santa, the game starts again.

Breaking the pinata and decorating Christmas cookies are other holiday activities that will keep children entertained at your party.

Select one of our special pinatas for the holiday season and let everyone enjoy playing this popular child party game. Have Gingerbread men ready and gum drops, candied cherries, chocolate chips, raisins and colored icing to decorate them with. Place candies in different bowls and let children give you a hand decorating them! They can also help you hang them from the tree. Make a string loop at the top of each cookie with a thin string and needle and ask kids to decorate the Christmas tree with their own cookie creations.